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Battle of Frezenberg


Battle of Gheluvelt


Battle of Goojerat


Battle of Gravenstafel


Battle of Kemmel


Battle of Martinique (1762)


Battle of Menin Road


Battle of Nonne Bosschen


Battle of Rosieres


Battle of St. Julien


Battle of the Hindenburg Line


Defence of Ladysmith


Martinique 1762


Martinique 1809


Battle of Canal du Nord


Battle of Hazebroucke


Honours of the Bengal Sappers


Castra of Aradul Nou

The castra of Aradul Nou was a fort in the Roman province of Dacia, located on the western side of defensive line of forts, limes Daciae. It is situated in the neighborhood of Arad in Romania.


Castra of Bumbești-Jiu – Gara

The castra of Bumbești-Jiu now known as Gara was a fort in the Roman province of Dacia in the 2nd and 3rd centuries AD. A contemporary settlement was also unearthed at the fort. The ruins of the fort are located in Bumbești-Jiu. In the same town, ...


Potaissa (castra)

The Dacians established a town that Ptolemy in his Geography calls Patreuissa, which is probably a corruption of Patavissa or Potaissa, the latter being more common. It was conquered by the Romans, who kept the name Potaissa, between AD 101 and 1 ...



Petavonium was a Roman Legionary Fortress of the Legio X Gemina, and later a Roman city formed from the canabae, or civilian camp. It was located in the valley of Vidriales in an area of the modern Santibanez de Vidriales and its hamlet Rosinos d ...


Roman legionary fortresses in England


Roman legionary fortresses in Scotland


Roman legionary fortresses in Wales


.25 Short

The.25 Short is a.25 in American rimfire handgun cartridge. Introduced for the F. D. Bliss revolver in 1860, it was also available in a number of other inexpensive weapons of the period. It was never offered as a rifle caliber. With a 43 gr 2.8 g ...


.41 Swiss

In 1867, the Swiss military adopted the 10.4×38mm cartridge. As one of the few rimfire cartridges to see military service, the 313 grain bullet and 1.400 fps muzzle velocity was respectable compared to its contemporaries. The most popular arms ch ...


.50 Remington Navy

The.50 Remington Navy is a.5 in American rimfire handgun cartridge. Introduced for the Remington Navy single-shot, rolling block pistol in 1865, the low-velocity round loaded a 290 gr 19 g; 0.66 oz bullet over 23 gr 1.5 g; 0.053 oz of black powde ...


2 mm pinfire

The 2 mm pinfire is a pistol cartridge for small 2 mm-chambered pinfire guns. Many rifles, single-shot pistols and revolvers are made in limited quantities as collectors items. Pistols are generally around 1.5 inches in length, and discharge a sm ...



The CZ-G2000 is a handgun created by CZ-Guns Trade and exported by Arms Moravia. It can be chambered for 9×19mm Luger and.40 S&W with different magazine capacities. In Germany, its known as the CUG-2000.


Pfeifer Zeliska.600 Nitro Express revolver

The.600 Nitro Express Zeliska revolver is an Austrian single-action revolver produced by Pfeifer firearms. Except for the Giant 1859 28mm Remington revolver, the Zeliska may be the largest handgun in the world, weighing in at 6.001 kilograms and ...


Ruger Hawkeye

The Ruger Hawkeye is a single-shot pistol chambered for the.256 Winchester Magnum cartridge, produced by Sturm, Ruger & Co. from 1963 until July 1964. It was built on the same frame as the Ruger Blackhawk, but rather than having a rotating cylind ...


Schmidt M1882

The Schmidt M1882, also referred to by the name Model 1929, was a revolver produced in Switzerland by the Waffenfabrik Bern and which was used as an ordnance arm by the Swiss Army.


Scorpion silent pistol

The Scorpion silent pistol is a special purpose suppressor integrated weapon which was designed by STC Delta solely for special operation forces. It was introduced in 2012 along with other new side arms.


Sedgley OSS.38

The Sedgley OSS.38 glove pistol or Sedgley Fist Gun is a World War II firearm. It was designed by Stanley M. Haight and manufactured by Sedgley Co. of Philadelphia for the U.S. Marines and the U.S. Navy. Its official designation by the US Navy wa ...


Springfield Armory EMP

The Springfield Armory EMP is a semi-automatic pistol based on the classic M1911 design and manufactured by Springfield Armory, Inc. Whereas the M1911 uses the.45 ACP cartridge, the EMP uses smaller 9×19mm Parabellum or.40 S&W cartridges. It ...


Viper Jaws pistol

The Viper Jaws pistol is a heavy duty single- and double-action pistol made in Jordan by KADDB and designed in the United States by the American citizen Wildey Moore, designer of the famous Wildey pistol. Apparently this pistol is the standard is ...


Wonder Nine

Wonder Nine refers to any semi-automatic pistol that is chambered in 9×19mm Parabellum and has a staggered column magazine, as well as a double-action trigger for at least the first shot. The term was coined by firearms author Robert Shimek, and ...


Directorate of Naval Staff Duties


Ashburnham House

Ashburnham House is an extended seventeenth-century house on Little Deans Yard in Westminster, London, United Kingdom, which since 1882 has been part of Westminster School. It is occasionally open to the public, when its staircase and first floor ...


Disk image extractors


Deputy Members of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe


1 Military Intelligence Battalion (United Kingdom)


2 Military Intelligence (Exploitation) Battalion (United Kingdom)


3 Military Intelligence Battalion (Volunteer) (United Kingdom)


4 Military Intelligence Battalion (United Kingdom)


5 Military Intelligence Battalion (Volunteer) (United Kingdom)


6 Military Intelligence Battalion (Volunteer) (United Kingdom)


7 Military Intelligence Battalion (Volunteer) (United Kingdom)


31 Military Intelligence Company (United Kingdom)


32 Military Intelligence Company (United Kingdom)

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