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Buildings and structures in Weimar


Unterailsfeld Castle

The burgstall of Unterailsfeld Castle is the site of a medieval lowland castle situated at a height of 360 m above sea level in the village of Unterailsfeld, in the market municipality of GoSweinstein in the county of Forchheim in the south Germa ...


Machatas of Elimeia

Machatas of Elimiotis was an Upper Macedonian, father of Harpalus, Tauron and Philip, the satrap of India. He was a brother of Derdas and Phila, one of the many wives of Philip II, and belonged to the family of the princes of Elimiotis. After the ...


Megarian colonies


Ionikos Nikaias B.C.


Ionikos F.C.


Ionikos players


Cesano (RM)

Cesano is a frazione of the comune of Rome, Italy. It is a small medieval burgh on the Via Cassia, located in the municipalitys Municipio XV, 27 km from Rome proper. It occupies a 240 m hill surrounded by the Monti Sabatini, near the Lakes of Bra ...


Civitella dArna

Civitella dArna is a frazione of the comune of Perugia in central Italy, and the Ancient city and former bishopric Arna, which remains a Latin Catholic titular see.


Venetian navigational boxes


Casale Monferrato Cathedral

Casale Monferrato Cathedral is a Roman Catholic cathedral in Casale Monferrato, province of Alessandria, Piedmont, Italy, dedicated to Saint Evasius. It is the episcopal seat of the Diocese of Casale Monferrato.


Santa Caterina, Casale Monferrato

Santa Caterina is a Baroque-style, Roman Catholic church located on Piazza Castello #36, in Casale Monferrato, Province of Alessandria, region of Piedmont, Italy.


San Matteo, Tortona

The church was erected in the 12th century by the Order of Canons Regular of the Lateran of the Cross of Mortara, reconstructed by the Dominican order at the end of the 17th-century. It passed on the Order of the Crociferi. The most recent recons ...


Roman Catholic churches in Ancona


Osimo Cathedral

Osimo Cathedral or the Church of San Leopardo is the principal church of Osimo in Italy, dedicated to the first bishop, Saint Leopardus. Formerly the episcopal seat of the Diocese of Osimo, it has been since 1986 a co-cathedral of the Archdiocese ...


Roman Catholic churches in Arezzo


Roman Catholic churches in Cortona


Roman Catholic churches in Sansepolcro


Roman Catholic churches in Ascoli Piceno


Roman Catholic Diocese of Monopoli

The Italian Catholic diocese of Monopoli, in the province of Bari, existed from the eleventh century to 1986. In that year it was united into the diocese of Conversano-Monopoli.


List of tallest buildings in Bologna

This list ranks buildings in Bologna buildings that stand at least 50 metres tall. This includes spires and architectural details but does not include antenna masts. An equal sign following a rank indicates the same height between two or more bui ...


Unipol Tower

Unipol Tower is a 33-story skyscraper located at Via Larga in Bologna, Italy. Rising to a height of approximately 127 metres, the building serves as the new headquarters of Unipol Bank and includes office and retail space in its 13.000 m 2 square ...


Buildings and structures in Bologna by style


Roman Catholic churches in Bologna


Castle of San Michele

The 1990s excavations have revealed the remains of a rural church, probably of the early medieval period, upon which was built the castle in the 12th century to defend the city of Santa Igia, the capital of the Giudicato of Cagliari. The chronolo ...


Palazzo Regio

The Palazzo Regio, also known as Viceregio, is a historic building in Cagliari, the ancient residence of the representative of the king of Sardinia during the Aragonese, Spanish and Savoy domination and now the seat of the Metropolitan City of Ca ...


Churches in Cagliari


Santa Maria Addolorata, Cento

Santa Maria Addolorata, also called the Chiesa dei Servi is a Renaissance style, Roman Catholic church located on Via Gennari in Cento, Province of Ferrara, region of Emilia-Romagna, Italy.


Castel Tedaldo

Castel Tealdo or Thealto was a former medieval castle forming part of the defenses of Ferrara. Few traces of its existence remain. The castle stood along the river, west of the town, as did the Castel Novo, and was built in the 10th century by Te ...


Roman Catholic churches in Ferrara


Roman Catholic churches in Cesena


Teatro Diego Fabbri in Forlì

The Teatro Diego Fabbri is a theatre in Forlì, Emilia-Romagna, northern Italy. It was opened in September 2000 and is managed by the municipality of Forlì. It is provided with 550 seats in the arena and 160 in the galleries, a foyer with 100 seat ...


San Giacomo Apostolo, Forlì

The Dominican Church of San Giacomo Apostolo is a late medieval church in Forlì, Italy. Built during the 13th century in the southern part of the town, it hosted friars of the Dominican Order, hence it was better known as Church of San Domenico. ...


Gorizia Castle

Gorizia Castle is an Italian fortification, dating to the 11th century, built on the hill which dominates the city of Gorizia, Italy, from which it takes its name.


Roman Catholic churches in Grosseto


Orsini-Colonna Castle

Castello Orsini was constructed in 1490 by Virginio Orsini and, in 1565, it was adapted by Marcantonio Colonna in fortified residence. In 1915 it was deeply damaged by an earthquake. Following its restoration, now it is used as a picture gallery ...


Forte Spagnolo, LAquila

In the 15th century, LAquila had become the second most powerful city in the Kingdom of Naples after Naples itself: there were half a million sheep, wool and saffron were exported throughout Europe; all this was lost when the Aquilans, during the ...


LAquila Cathedral

LAquila Cathedral is a Roman Catholic cathedral in LAquila, Abruzzo, Italy, dedicated to Saint Maximus of Aveia and Saint George. It is the episcopal seat of the Archdiocese of LAquila.


Palazzetto dei Nobili

The Palazzo della Congregazione dei Nobili, better known as Palazzetto dei Nobili or" Oratorio dei Nobili”, is a historic building of LAquila in Southern Italy. The Palace is located in L’Aquila center at piazza Santa Margherita, 2.


Santa Marta, Lecco

Santa Marta is a Roman Catholic church building located in the town of Lecco, region of Lombardy, Italy. A church at the site was present by the 13th century, originally dedicated to St Calimero. In 1386, it housed the flagellant Confraternity of ...


Minor Basilica of San Nicolo, Lecco

The Basilica of San Nicolo is a Roman Catholic minor basilica church located in the town of Lecco, region of Lombardy, Italy. The church was made a basilica in 1942. A church at the site was present by the 11th century. It has undergone a cycle o ...


Churches in Livorno


Santa Maria Maddalena, Lodi

Santa Maria Maddalena, also called the Chiesa della Maddalena, is a late Baroque-style Roman Catholic church located on via Maddalena in central Lodi, Lombardy, Italy.


Buildings and structures in Lucca by style


Roman Catholic churches in Lucca


Roman Catholic churches in Camerino


SantAgostino, Civitanova Marche

SantAgostino is a Roman Catholic former-church, now auditorium and exhibit hall located in the upper town of Civitanova Marche, in the province of Macerata, region of Marche, Italy.


San Pietro Apostolo, Civitanova Marche

San Pietro Apostolo, formerly known as Santi Pietro e Marone, is a Roman Catholic church located in the lower town of Civitanova Marche, in the province of Macerata, region of Marche, Italy.


Roman Catholic churches in Macerata


SantAgostino, Recanati

SantAgostino is a Gothic-style, Roman Catholic church located on Piazzale Giordani #1 in the town of Recanati, province of Macerata, region of Marche, Italy.

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