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Railway lines in Bourgogne-Franche-Comte


Railway lines in Grand Est


Railway lines in Ile-de-France


Narrow-gauge railways of France

The French National Railways used to run a considerable number of 1.000 mm metre gauge lines, a few of which still operate mostly in tourist areas, such as the St Gervais-Vallorcine and the "Train jaune" in the Pyrenees. The original French schem ...


500 mm gauge railways in France


600 mm gauge railways in France


750 mm gauge railways in France


Metre gauge railways in France


1100 mm gauge railways in France


1200 mm gauge railways in France


1300 mm gauge railways in France


Railway lines in Baden-Wurttemberg




Badische Hauptbahn


Badische Odenwaldbahn


Badische Schwarzwaldbahn












Freiburg–Breisach railway







The Kaiserstuhl Railway is a railway in the German state of Baden-Wurttemberg. It is owned and operated by the Sudwestdeutsche Verkehrs-Aktiengesellschaft, which in turn is owned by the state of Baden-Wurttemberg. The Kaiserstuhlbahn consists of ...




Karlsruhe Local Railway

The Karlsruhe Local Railway was a metre-gauge light railway which formerly connected Spock, Karlsruhe and Durmersheim, now in the German state of Baden-Wurttemberg. After its opening in 1890/91, it had little commercial success, so that by 1938 m ...


Maxau Railway

The Maxau Railway was a 9.7 kilometre long, railway line opened in 1862, that linked the old Karlsruhe station with the Rhine at Knielingen, near to the Maxau estate. After the completion of a pontoon over the Rhine, in 1865 the link to the Palat ...








Talesbahn (Geislingen–Wiesensteig)

The branch line from Geislingen an der Steige to Wiesensteig was inaugurated on 21 October 1903. In the early years the Talesbahn served primarily for passenger transport and the transport of goods for the holdings situated in the region. The sec ...


Talesbahn (Nurtingen–Neuffen)


Wurttembergische Ostbahn


Zabergau Railway

The Zabergau Railway was a spur line from the Franconia Railway. It ran for 20.3 km from Lauffen am Neckar to Leonbronn through an area known as the Zabergau. Originally built with narrow gauge, it was converted to standard gauge in the 1960s.


List of closed railway lines in Bavaria

2 February: Blaibach–Viechtach, 16.25 km 31 May: Markt Wald–Gessertshausen, 27 km 30 April: Viechtach–Gotteszell, 25.0 km museum railway today 1991 29 May: Neustadt Waldnaab–FloS, 15.9 km 1992 31 December: Weidenberg–Warmensteinach, 9.0 km 3 Sept ...


Bavarian branch lines

Bavarian branch lines comprised nearly half the total railway network in Bavaria, a state in the southeastern Germany that was a kingdom in the days of the German Empire. The construction era for branch lines lasted from 1872, when the first rout ...


Bavarian Maximilian Railway

The Bavarian Maximilian’s Railway was as an east-west line built between the Bavarian border with Wurttemberg at Neu-Ulm in the west via Augsburg, Munich and Rosenheim to the Austrian border at Kufstein and Salzburg in the east as part of the Roy ...


Donautalbahn (Bavaria)


Frankische Saaletalbahn


Landsberg am Lech-Schongau railway

The Landsberg am Lech-Schongau railway is a railway line from Landsberg am Lech to Schongau via Fuchstal, Denklingen and Hohenfurch. The line is also called the Fox Valley Railway.


Landshut–Plattling railway

The Landshut–Plattling railway is a single-tracked, electrified main line in Lower Bavaria, in southern Germany. It runs along the Isar river and is part of the line between Munich and Passau.


Muhldorf–Pilsting railway

The Muhldorf–Pilsting railway runs mainly through the province of Lower Bavaria in Germany, but part of the line crosses into Upper Bavaria as well. It was opened in 1875 by the Bavarian Eastern Railway Company as part of the route between Muhldo ...


Muhldorf–Simbach am Inn railway

The Muhldorf–Simbach am Inn railway is a 39 km long, single-tracked, unelectrified main line in Bavaria in southern Germany. Leaving Muhldorf station it runs in an east-west direction to the German-Austrian state border, where it joins the Innvie ...


Munich South Ring

Munich South Ring is the common name for a railway line running near the centre and through the southern districts of the Bavarian state capital of Munich. It connects Munich East station to the Munich Central Station and Laim marshalling yard. O ...




Neumarkt-Sankt Veit – Landshut railway

The Neumarkt-Sankt Veit–Landshut railway is a single-tracked, unelectrified main line in Bavaria in southern Germany. It is operated by SudostBayernBahn.


North–South railway

The North–South railway is an amalgamation of several railway lines in Germany that came to significant importance in West Germany and are therefore commonly regarded as a single entity. During the division of Germany, it was the most important a ...



The Regensburg–Hof railway is a main line railway, about 180 kilometres long, which links the Upper Palatine regional capital of Regensburg via Schwandorf and Weiden in der Oberpfalz to Marktredwitz and Hof in Upper Franconia. Because the section ...


Regensburg–Passau railway

The Regensburg–Passau railway forms a key transport link from Germany to Austria and other southeast European countries and is one of the most important main lines in southern Germany. It is double-tracked and electrified throughout.

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