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Defunct Texas railroads


Beehive Medical Electronics

The company was based in Salt Lake City, Utah and manufactured a variety of CRT display terminals in the 1970s and 1980s. At its peak, Beehive employed 400 people. In 1980, the company opened a plant in Ireland. The company filed for Chapter 11 b ...


Defunct Utah railroads


Defunct Vermont railroads



DUALabs was the name of an American company that created and disseminated microdata and aggregate data files for the 1960 and 1970 censuses. The DUALabs 1960 census microdata file was noteworthy because it was designed to compatible with data fro ...


Little Creek-Cape Charles Ferry

The Little Creek-Cape Charles Ferry was a passenger ferry service operating across the mouth of the Chesapeake Bay from the 1930s until 1964. Known also as the Princess Anne-Kiptopeke Beach Ferry or Little Creek-Kiptopeke Beach Ferry, the service ...



Melpar was an American government contractor in the 20th century Cold War period. At a time when most employment in Washington, DC was directly by the US federal government, Melpar became an early private sector contracting company training a hig ...


Shenandoah Acres

Shenandoah Acres is a campground/resort in Stuarts Draft, Virginia. It was previously known as Shenandoah Acres Resort, but after decades of operation, The Acres closed in 2004. Then, following a couple of ownership changes, it reopened in 2014 a ...


Defunct Virginia railroads


Defunct companies based in Bothell, Washington


Defunct companies based in Olympia, Washington


Defunct Washington (state) railroads


Defunct companies based in Redmond, Washington


Defunct companies based in Seattle


Defunct companies based in Spokane, Washington


Defunct companies based in Tacoma, Washington


Defunct Wisconsin railroads


Defunct Wyoming railroads


Central Wharf (Boston)

Central Wharf is a historic pier in Boston, Massachusetts. Built in 1815–1816 between Long Wharf and India Wharf, it originally extended from India Street nearly a quarter-mile into Boston Harbor. Today, the much-shortened wharf serves as the hom ...


Merchants Row (Boston)

Merchants Row in Boston, Massachusetts is a short street extending from State Street to Faneuil Hall Square in the Financial District. Since the 17th century it has been a place of commercial activity. It sits close to Long Wharf and Dock Square, ...


Tremont Row

Tremont Row in Boston, Massachusetts, was a short street that flourished in the 19th and early-20th centuries. It was located near the intersection of Court, Tremont, and Cambridge streets, in todays Government Center area. It existed until the 1 ...


Century ranch


Ohio Century Farm


Bellamy Road

The Bellamy Road was the first major U.S. federal highway in early territorial Florida. Land travel and transportation in Florida prior to its acquisition by the United States was by foot over trails. The Spanish used existing Native American tra ...


Coffee Road

Coffee Road as it became known, was a supply trail cut through the southern Georgia frontier in the early 1820s by General John E. Coffee, with the help of Thomas Swain. After establishing the counties of Early, Irwin, and Appling in 1819, the Ge ...


Roads on the National Register of Historic Places in Florida


Cold Springs Pegram Truss Railroad Bridge

The Cold Springs Bridge is a 208-foot, single span Pegram truss bridge in Blaine County, Idaho. It is 17 feet wide. It provides 21 feet clearance above a roadbed below. The Cold Springs Bridge was constructed in 1884 at the Snake River Crossing i ...


Gimlet Pegram Truss Railroad Bridge

The Gimlet Bridge is a 217-foot, single span Pegram truss railroad bridge in Blaine County, Idaho. It is 17 feet and is supported by concrete piers at each end. It provides 21 feet clearance above a roadbed below. The Gimlet Bridge was constructe ...


Ross Creek Bridge

Ross Creek Bridge is a former railway bridge, now used as a pedestrian walkway in Ross Bridge Park, Hoover, Alabama, United States. The text of the sign posted nearby by the Hoover Historical Society reads as follows: In 1858 James Taylor Ross, a ...


Register Rock

Register Rock, near American Falls, Idaho, is a historic site where many Oregon Trail emigrants carved their names on a rock. The rock is located in what is now Massacre Rocks State Park and is now protected by a shelter. It is located west of Am ...


Thomas and Ruckle Road

The Thomas and Ruckle Road, also known as Ruckles Road or Ruckels Road, was a wagon road over the Blue Mountains. George Thomas was a stagecoach driver who came west to California in 1849, before moving to Walla Walla. Colonel J. S. Ruckle arrive ...


Historic Columbia River Highway


Roads on the National Register of Historic Places in Oregon


Steamboats of the Coquille River

The Coquille River starts in the Siskiyou National Forest and flows hundreds of miles through the Coquille Valley on its way to the Pacific Ocean. Bandon, Oregon, sits at the mouth of the Coquille River on the Pacific Ocean. Before the era of rai ...


Ilwaco Steam Navigation Company


Steamboats of the Coquille River


Paddle steamers of Oregon


Acme (steamboat)

The steamboat Acme operated on Lake Washington and also on the Sammamish Slough to Bothell, Washington from 1899 to 1910, when it was destroyed by fire.


Aquilo (steamboat)

Aquilo was built by Captain John Anderson at Anderson Shipyard as part of his fleet of steamboats on Lake Washington, operating under the name of the Anderson Steamboat Company. She was launched on May 22, 1909. She was christened by Miss Ethel M ...


Arcadia (steamboat)

The steamboat Arcadia, built in 1929, was one of the last commercial steamboats placed into service on Puget Sound. The vessel later served as a prison tender under the name J.E. Overlade, and after that, as Virginia VI, as an excursion vessel.


North Star (sternwheeler 1902)

North Star was a sternwheel steamboat that operated in eastern Washington from 1902 to 1904. This vessel should not be confused with the other vessels, some of similar design, also named North Star.


Rosalie (steamship)

The steamboat Rosalie operated from 1893 to 1918 as part of the Puget Sound Mosquito Fleet, also operating out of Victoria, B.C. In 1898, Rosalie went north with many other Puget Sound steamboats to join the Klondike Gold Rush.


Steamboats of Lake Washington


Steamboats built in Tacoma, Washington


Steamboats of the Lewis River


Tall green milkweed

Asclepias hirtella, commonly called the tall green milkweed, is a species of flowering plant in the dogbane family. It is native to Canada and the United States, where its range is concentrated in the Midwest and Upper South. It is a tall perenni ...


Arkansas Highway 247

Highway 247 is a designation for four north–south state highways in the Arkansas River Valley. Two are low traffic, two-lane, rural connector highways serving sparsely populated areas of the River Valley. A third segment is a four-lane divided hi ...


Aguanga, California

Aguanga is a census-designated place located within the Inland Empire, Riverside County, California. It is located about 18 miles east of Temecula and 22 miles south-southeast of Hemet. Aguanga lies at an elevation of 1955 feet. As of the 2010 ce ...


Coyote, California

Coyote is an unincorporated community in a narrowing of Santa Clara Valley astride Coyote Creek, between San Jose and Morgan Hills Madrone district, in Santa Clara County, California. Part of Coyote is inside the city limits of San Jose. Its ZIP ...


Stickneys Ferry

Stickneys Ferry was a settlement established in what became Tulare County after the Williamson Expedition of the Pacific Railroad Surveys of 1853 and before 1857, on what became the Stockton - Los Angeles Road and the crossing of the White River. ...

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