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Amphibious armoured personnel carriers


Amphibious infantry fighting vehicles



The Norwegian Model-142 is an anti-tank variant of the American M-113 armoured personnel carrier, the difference being that it is equipped with a TOW2 turret developed in Norway by Kværner Eureka.


Variants of the M113 armored personnel carrier

A huge number of M113 Armored Personnel Carrier variants have been created, ranging from infantry carriers to nuclear missile carriers. The M113 armored personnel carrier has become one of the most prolific armored vehicles of the second half of ...


Tracked armoured personnel carriers


Tracked infantry fighting vehicles


BMC Kirpi

BMC Kirpi is a Turkish made Mine-Resistant Ambush Protected vehicle manufactured by BMC, based on the Israeli Hatehof Navigator. Kirpi provides a significant protection against mine and ballistic threats. Its perfectly combined main and add-on ar ...



The KMW F2 is a family of modular wheeled armoured vehicles, manufactured by KMW. The F2 is designed as a supplement to the Fennek and is intended to provide a maximum of mobility, protection and growth potential. The vehicle will be available in ...


M1126 Infantry Carrier Vehicle

The M1126 Infantry Carrier Vehicle is an armoured personnel carrier and part of the Stryker family of vehicles used by the United States Army and Royal Thai Army.


Wheeled armoured personnel carriers


Wheeled infantry fighting vehicles


Assault gun

An assault gun is a form of self-propelled artillery which uses an infantry support gun mounted on a motorized chassis, normally an armored fighting vehicle. Assault guns are designed to provide direct fire support for infantry attacks, especiall ...


Assault guns of the Soviet Union






S-51 SPG

At the end of 1942, the Red Army switched from defensive to offensive operations which revealed the need for self-propelled artillery. Against pillboxes and fortified buildings in urban battles, the firepower of towed and self-propelled artillery ...


U-18 self-propelled gun




Tracked self-propelled howitzers


Wheeled self-propelled howitzers


Tracked mortars


Okinawa holly

Ilex dimorphophylla, the Okinawa holly, is a holly species endemic to Amami Ōshima of the Ryukyu Islands. It is compact shrub of up to 6 feet in height, with dense green leaves with spines towards the ends, and red berries. It is cultivated as a ...


Skink anti-aircraft tank

Tank AA, 20 mm Quad, Skink was a Canadian self-propelled anti-aircraft gun, developed in 1943–44, in response to a requirement from the First Canadian Army. Due to a lack of threat from the German Luftwaffe, the Skink was cancelled in 1944 after ...


Schmidt high-pressure system


NI tank

The NI tank, was an improvised Soviet armoured fighting vehicle, based on an STZ-3 agricultural tractor, manufactured in Odessa during the Siege of Odessa in World War II.


RAMB ships


Amphibious cargo ship

Amphibious cargo ships were U.S. Navy ships designed specifically to carry troops, heavy equipment and supplies in support of amphibious assaults, and to provide naval gunfire support during those assaults. A total of 108 of these ships were buil ...



Generally, the B.Delta design has a relatively wide beam and shallow draft; with a combination of low fuel consumption and high deadweight. The exact specification varies, but a recent order for handysize B.Delta37 carriers featured: 17.6mt daily ...



The Dalwarnic was the name of a small Canadian-built freighter. She was built in Port Arthur, Ontario in 1921, by Port Arthur Shipbuilding. She was built for the Canadian Government which commissioned her as the Canadian Harvester. She sailed und ...


Ocean Freedom

The Ocean Freedom is a multi-purpose dry cargo ship, commissioned in 2010. She was damaged in a collision with a barge in the Port of Corpus Christi, Texas, on October 29, 2015. Damage totalled $750.000. She carried two former United States Coast ...


Pennyworth (ship)

The Pennyworth was a freighter, built in Scotland in 1916. She is notable for being the first freighter to carry cargo to Canadas newly opened deepwater port on the Arctic Ocean, at Churchill, Manitoba. She arrived on August 17, 1932, carrying a ...


MV Span Asia 25

MV Span Asia 25 is a cargo vessel owned and operated by the Philippine Span Asia Carrier Corporation. Shes the former Heidi B up until September 1994, Maersk Euro Quinto until May 1997, Helgafell up until March 2005, Seaboard Rio Haina up until J ...


SS Sian Yung



Windoc may refer to: Windoc 1959, a freighter that struck a bridge on the Welland Canal in 2001. Windoc 1899, a freighter that struck a bridge on the Welland Canal in 1938.


Ro-ro ships


MSC Prestige

MSC Prestige was a container ship that collided with a large tanker MV Samco Europe, off the Red Sea traffic separation scheme of Bab-el-Mandeb on 7 December 2007. Both the vessels suffered severe damage at their bows and had to undergo major rep ...


Container ships of the United States Navy


Convict ship

A convict ship was any ship engaged on a voyage to carry convicted felons under sentence of penal transportation from their place of conviction to their place of exile.


Dormitory ship

A dormitory ship is a vessel which provides as its primary function floating living quarters. Such craft serve as conventional land-based dormitories in all respects except that the living quarters are aboard a floating vessel, most often moored ...




Dredge pipe pieces

Dredge pipe pieces are a variety of pipes on board of dredgers like bend pipe, T-pipe, pitched T-pipe, Y-pipe, cross pipe, strait pipe, and conical pipe. These dredge pipe pieces are used on-board of dredgers to connect the dredge pump with the d ...


Dredge suction mouth

The dredge suction mouth is a Cutter Suction Dredger component positioned behind the cutter head of a CSD during extraction of non-cohesive material from the sea bottom.


Dredge turning gland

The dredge turning gland has a special particularity. Attached to the lower suction pipe the dredge turning gland allows a radial rotation in both directions of 15°. Due to this particularity the dredge turning gland enable the dredge drag head t ...


Dredge valve

The dredge valve is a component of a Cutter Suction Dredge or a Trailing Suction Hopper Dredger that is used control the flow of water sand in the suction and discharge pipes of one of these types of dredgers. There are 3 cases when this vertical ...


Trailing suction hopper dredger

A trailing suction hopper dredger is a ship that has a full sailing capacity used to maintain navigable waterways, deepening the maritime canals that are threatened to become silted, to construct new land elsewhere or to replace sand eroded by st ...


Floating drydocks of the United States Navy


List of lightvessels

This page lists lightvessels around the world. Most surviving light vessels reside in the United Kingdom, and the United States; these are split out separately. Some of the lightvessels mentioned in the lists have been renamed more than once, whi ...


Lightship stations


SS Adolphine

SS Adolphine was a commercial liner that carried passengers between Germany and the United States during the latter part of the 19th century. Typically, Adolphine departed from Bremen or Bremerhaven with destinations including the ports of New Yo ...

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