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Road 22 (Iran)

This road is in northern Iran. It connects Sarakhs at the border with Turkmenistan to Mashhad, then to Gorgan, and afterwards it runs parallel to the Caspian Sea. Most parts of this road are expressways but some of them are in the Golestan Jungle.


Road 72 (Iran)

Road 72 is a transit road connecting southwest Iran to central Iran. It passes Borujen, Mountainous areas of Zagros, Karun 3 dam, Izeh, Baghmalek and Ramhormoz then it goes into Road 86 and reaches Ahvaz. It is within Isfahan Province, Chaharmaha ...


Freeway 6 (Iran)

Freeway 6 is a freeway in central Iran located in Markazi and Hamedan Provinces. It is about 175 kilometres long and it connects Saveh to Hamedan. The freeway was completely opened in winter 2013. There are plans to expand the freeway westwards t ...


Road 67 (Iran)

Road 67 is a road in southern Iran. It connects Yasuj to Shiraz then Jahrom, Lar and Hormozgan Province. The Shiraz-Yasuj part is crowded in summer and winter because in summer people go to Sepidan to use the cool weather in there and in winter t ...


Road 35 (Iran)



Lithospermum is a genus of plants belonging to the family Boraginaceae. The genus is distributed nearly worldwide, but most are native to the Americas and the center of diversity is in the southwestern United States and Mexico. Species are known ...


Road 68 (Iran)

Road 68 is a road in central and eastern Iran in dry areas. It connects Yazd in Yazd Province, to Birjand in South Khorasan Province. This road is part of Yazd-Mashhad Road. Along this road is the landing site codenamed "Desert One" 33°04′23″N 55 ...


Road 23 (Iran)

Road 23 is a road in western Iran. It connects Miandoab to Bijar and Hamadan. The southern part is very important and touristic. Because it connects Hamadan to Alisadr Cave. It is about 60 kilometers from Hamadan to Alisadr Cave.


Transport in Urmia


Iran rail transport color templates


Beaupark railway station

Beauparc railway station was a station in Ireland, on the Drogheda-to-Navan line, currently used for freight only services provided by Irish Rail. It was opened on 1 September 1850 by the Dublin and Drogheda Railway, which became part of the Grea ...


Ireland rail transport color templates


Ireland rail transport succession templates


Rail transport navigational boxes of Ireland


Motorways in Ireland


Roads in Ireland by county


DART Underground

DART Underground, previously known as the Interconnector, is a proposed mainline-rail tunnel in Dublin, Ireland. First proposed in 1972, as of 2019 it is not funded or scheduled. The National Development Plan for the period 2018-2027 proposes tha ...


Fastnet Line

The company suddenly cancelled sailings on 1 November 2011, and entered into examinership, an Irish process supplying protection against bankruptcy akin to the US Chapter 11 procedure. In January 2012 its business plan was to become a seasonal fe ...


Krayot central bus station

The Krayot central bus station is a public transport terminal serving as a terminus for the Metronit bus rapid transit system, and as a station for local bus routes serving the Krayot suburbs of Haifa, Israel. Despite its name, the station is not ...


Tel Aviv 2000 Terminal


Autostrada A14 (Italy)

The A14 Adriatic is the second-longest italian motorway. Its northern end is Bologna and its southern ending is Taranto, boarding adriatic coast and unifying historical local roads. Inaugurated in 1965, it passes through or near Rimini, Riccione, ...


Autostrada A24 (Italy)

The Autostrada A24 or" Parks Motorway”, is a highway connecting Rome to the Adriatic Sea. Starting from GRA and ending to Teramo, the A24 create a new historical linkage between Rome and the insidious apennine mountains, alongside long-time roads ...


Autostrada A25 (Italy)

The Autostrada A25 Roma–Pescara is a motorway which allows travel from Rome to Pescara in Italy. Along with the A24 it is also named the Autostrada dei Parchi. It runs from the A24 near Torano, past the Fucine Lake and Avezzano, through the Apenn ...


Autostrada A1 (Italy)

The Autostrada A1, nicknamed Autostrada del Sole, is the oldest European Highway and the most important in Italy. The highway links the largest cities on the Tyrrhenian side of Italy: Milan, Bologna, Florence, Rome and Naples. At 754 km, it is th ...


Raccordo autostradale RA2

The Raccordo autostradale 2, or Raccordo autostradale di Avellino, literally "Motorway connection to Avellino", is an Italian motorway that connects the city of Avellino with the motorways A2 and A30 at the Fisciano junction. It is a part of the ...


Autostrada A15 (Italy)

The A15 is an Italian autostrada connecting Parma and La Spezia through the valleys of the Taro and Lunigiana Rivers. The road is also known as Autocamionale della Cisa because it crosses the Northern Apennines at the Cisa pass. The main 101-km e ...


Autostrada A4 (Italy)

The Autostrada A4, or Serenissima, is a motorway which connects Turin and Trieste via Milan and Venice. The city of Venice originally formed a bottleneck on the A4, but is now bypassed by the Passante di Mestre. The A4 passes just north of the ci ...


Autostrada A34 (Italy)

The Autostrada A34 is an Italian motorway that branches off of the A4 motorway at the Villesse junction going towards Gorizia. The motorway ends after 17 kilometers in SantAndrea / Vertoiba, where it continues as the H4 expressway in Slovenia. Th ...




Capri funicular

The Capri funicular is a funicular railway on the island of Capri, in the Campania region of Italy. The line connects the Marina Grande on the coast with the Piazza Umberto I in the centre of the island. It is 670 metres long and includes a 68-me ...


Biella funicular

The Biella funicular is a funicular railway in the city of Biella, Piedmont, Italy. It connects a lower station on Via Curiel, in the citys Biella Piano quarter, with an upper station on Via Avogadro in the citys medieval Biella Piazzo quarter. T ...


Catanzaro funicular

The Catanzaro funicular is a funicular railway in the city of Catanzaro, Calabria, Italy. It connects the upper part of the city, at Piazza Roma, with Catanzaro Sala via an intermediate stop at Piano Casa. The line carries some 580.000 passengers ...


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Line SFM4


Standard gauge locomotives of Jamaica


Roads in Aichi Prefecture


Roads in Akita Prefecture


Roads in Aomori Prefecture


Roads in Chiba Prefecture


Roads in Ehime Prefecture


Roads in Fukui Prefecture


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Roads in Fukushima Prefecture


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Roads in Gunma Prefecture

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